Google Business Profile and SEO: What You Need to Know

Google Business Profile (GBP) (formerly Google My Business (GMB)) is an online platform that provides businesses with the power to take control of their online presence by creating a personalized brand on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Google Business is simple to use and easy to implement without any programming or technical knowledge, meaning it’s ideal for small business owners who want to get ahead in this new digital era.

How Does Google Business Affect SEO?

Google Business, when used adequately, can have a massive impact on your search ranking.

By creating a detailed description of your business, including proper tags and keywords, you will be able to display yourself as an authority in your industry, making you more appealing to prospects.

For local searches, Google business accounts are ranked using relevance, distance, and prominence.


Relevance refers to how well your listing matches what a user is searching for. To get a high score on relevance, it’s important to provide Google with as much valuable information about your business as possible.


Distance means how far a business is from the user’s location. If the user’s location is not available, Google will utilize other relevant details about the user to estimate the distance.


Prominence refers to how popular your business is. Google will look at the number of online searches, reviews, listings, and mentions for your business to rate this.

How to Optimize Google My Business Listings

 Currently, Google does not offer paid advertising strategies to improve your business’s local search ranking. Instead, you can explore these strategies to optimize your GBP profile.

1. Claim & Verify Your GBP Profile

Step one is to verify and claim your Google Business Profile account. This will help you better manage the information on your listing and optimize for better search rankings.

2. Input Accurate, Up-to-Date Information

For Google to better understand your business, fill up your GBP profile as exhaustively as possible. Make sure all your information is up-to-date and accurate. The most important sections include your business name, category, physical address, website URL, contact info, and operating hours.

3. Add Rich Media to Your Profile

Add high-quality photos and videos to make your GBP profile more attractive and engaging. You can include photos of your products, services, interiors & exteriors, menu, pricing list, etc.

4. Optimize GBP Profile with Relevant Keywords

 Use Google keyword planner to locate terms that your target customers are actively searching for. You can produce content that engages prospects and post special offers to engage users and encourage on-site visits.

5. Encourage and Manage Online Reviews

Encourage your customers to drop positive reviews about your business. As much as you can, also make sure to respond to questions or concerns.

6. Enable the GBP Messaging Feature

The GMB platform has a messaging feature that you can switch on which enables customers to message you from the results page directly.

Getting Started on Google Business Profile and SEO

A Google My Business account is very valuable if you want your business to appear on local search results. It’s also important to optimize your GBP account to increase your visibility and online ranking.

You can use local SEO strategies to create an expansive and engaging business page, which will attract more customers and help you stay ahead of your competition.

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