Digital marketing quiz answers

2. What percentage of consumers regularly or occasionally go online to conduct research before making an in-store purchase?

  • 75+ percent

3. On average the largest channel at 53% of traffic comes to websites from ______?

  • Organic search

4. What is the best way to increase engagement on your website?

  • Make your website interactive combining different types of assets like images, quizzes, downloads, videos and audios

5. What's the new artificial intelligence that's now processing a "very large fraction" of queries on Google?

  • RankBrain

6. What is the right sequence of stages in the marketing funnel?

  • Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Evaluation, Purchase

7. What is the true difference between desktop and mobile marketing?

  • Mobile marketing works better for location-based marketing

8. HTTP is more secure than HTTPS

  • False

9. What is the difference between PPC and SEO?

  • PPC is usually faster, SEO success sustains better long-term

10. Because of the rapid growth of the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, social media needs to be a key element of your digital strategy.

  • It depends on your business and objectives

11. What is a CRM?

  • Customer Relationship Management

12. Marketing persona is

  • A representation of the goals and behaviors of a group of users

13. What is the difference between Search Retarding and Site Retargeting?

  • Search retarding is targeting individuals who have searched for relevant terms, site retargeting targets site visitors

14. Which definition of CRO is most relevant to digital marketers?

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

15. How are Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing related?

  • Social is a subset of Digital